As per our business plan we will be increasing prices by 10p per hour from 1st Nov. We are still one of the best value indoor parks in the UK with our newly updated areas in building 1, our brand new 2 floor Cafe and we have introduced a more generous loyalty scheme, giving you more value as you visit.

The increased prices are as follows:


Session Standard Weekday Gold Weekday Standard Weekend Gold Weekend
Single £11.35 £7.85 £12.35 £8.35
All Day £15.30 £11.80 £16.30 £12.80
Scooter Only     £9.25 £7.25
2 Hour £7.10 £6.10 £7.10 £6.10
Late Night £8.40 £6.40    
Allnighter £21 £16    


Gold memberships are still £25 and will offer savings of up to 30%. We will continue to offer promotional days and savings throughout the year.

Thank you all for your support!


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