It's been a long slog but we're finally here. 10 years ago we started and now we've grown to the largest facility in Europe. Today we re-launch our brand and push ourselves forward to remain the best facility around. We've a new area in building 1 and a new website.

From our humble beginnings to our place as one of the largest and best facilities in the world, Adrenaline Alley has become a name embedded within the world of action sport. As we evolved over the years and our facility grew it became obvious that we needed to move forward with the industry and reinvent our brand to fit with the current trends in the urban sports world. In collaboration with DGL creative and our own internal design team we came up with a vision that compliments what we offer as a facility and cements us as a leader in the industry where the next generation of athletes and amateurs alike can train, learn, improve, play and enjoy.

We'll be keeping you updated about AlleyFest throughout the day so check out our social channels to see what's going on, or better yet pop down to the park.

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