For the last 4 years we have developed a training club for young scooter, BMX and skateboard riders. The clubs are held on a Wednesday evening during Northamptonshire school terms. During the 4 years over 260 young people have developed, improved and increased their confidence, sporting and life skills.

Our club sessions are fun, exciting and educational and include riding with experienced tutors and younger sponsored professional riders who help by riding with the students to gain experience and coaching skills for their future.

We provide a community notice board that is updated every week with progress so you and your child have a visual record each week. (No confidential details will be detailed on these sheets)

The cost of the training club is up to £42 for a 7 week course payable on the first week, however some Northamptonshire school terms are 5 or 6 weeks and the course charges will reflect the number of weeks in the school term.


17:15 - 18:15 Scooter
18.30 - 19.30 BMX, Skateboard & Scooter
19.45 - 20.45 BMX & Scooter


During the club we take all participants through a standardised course of progression based on their chosen discipline. This involves working through various areas of the park starting with the smallest ramps right up to the larger ramps in our performance centre (Building 2). Instructors tick off various compulsory and optional outcomes as they perform, these are then put into our internal system and printed off and displayed on our community board.

Once a participant has ticked off all the compulsory outcomes for a particular area park they will be awarded an emblem that will appear on the participants Training Club Certificate awarded to them at the end of the term. The course of progression has been designed with a step by step approach so that participants move on to what is next within their capability.

All of our coaches undergo a full enhanced Criminal Record Bureau Check.

Sport Name Standard of rider
Scooter Connor Lafferty Sponsored professional
Scooter Jaques Honour Sponsored professional
BMX Martyn Cooper Sponsored Professional L5 coach
BMX Chris Hornbrook Professional L5 coach
Skateboard Matthew Carlisle Sponsored professional rider
Skateboard Zak Lowe Adrenaline Alley employee - mentor
Skateboard Jon Kendrick Experienced skateboarder

The above may be subject to change occasionally as professional riders attend competitions and sponsored events


For the first time we are introducing 2 events this year specifically for the training groups. These will be a Summer Jam for students to experience riding/skating in an amateur jam style competition and a Christmas party with a buffet for the parents and Santa’s lucky dip for the training club members. These events will give students the opportunity to informally show off their skills, win prizes, socialise and have fun with other riders.


If you need something more personal or at a convenient time you we offer 1-2-1 coaching at £25 per hour. You'll have your own coach for the hour who'll be able to work closely with you to improve your skills. To book a personal session call us on 01536 202049 or email

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