Our site, like most others across the internet, use cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that save bits of information. The information we store isn't harmful or malicious it simply used to help you use our site effectively. For example, we use a cookie to save your sessions that you book so we can effectively send that information across the various pages you need to navigate to complete your booking. We also use a cookie to confirm your identity when signed in with us, which prevents hackers from using your accounts maliciously. We do not pass any of this information to third parties and more importantly we do not store any card or bank information in our cookies.


We also use analytic plugins to see who visits our site. We can not gather personal information from this, only details like how long you use our site, what pages you visit, and any problems you might have had. We use this information to improve the experience here for you, and once again, we do not share this collected information with any third parties. Read more about cookies

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